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1.19.3 is very different from 1.19.2. That's why this has its own chapter.


This is Work in progress!

Porting Notes

Random notes and things that were encountered during porting of various McJty mods:


Many things in com.mojang.math are gone. Including Matrix4f and Vector3f. Use the org.joml variants instead. Some things have moved to the com.mojang.math.Axis class

Creative tabs

The way to put items in creative tabs and also how to make creative tabs has changed completely. Forge added an event for this called CreativeModeTabEvent.Register which you add to the mod event bus. Here is an example:

    private void registerTabs(CreativeModeTabEvent.Register event) {
tabProbe = event.registerCreativeModeTab(new ResourceLocation(TheOneProbe.MODID, "probe"), builder -> builder
.icon(() -> new ItemStack(ModItems.PROBE))
.displayItems((featureFlags, output, hasOp) -> {


AbstractRecipeAdaptor needs an extra category() override.


There have been many changes related to registries. For example:

        dim = ResourceKey.create(Registry.DIMENSION_REGISTRY, buf.readResourceLocation());

should become:

        dim = ResourceKey.create(Registries.DIMENSION, buf.readResourceLocation());