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Ariente is a high-tech mod with some very advanced machines. However, this comes at a cost. Most of the technology is not craftable as such. It needs to be made with blueprints and ores that you can only find in the Ariente dimension and that dimension is heavily guarded. In a way this mod is similar to Twilight Forest except that the setting is much more SciFi oriented. The plan is that some of these higher-level dungeons are really hard to conquer. Preferably having modded benefits shouldn’t give too much benefit. That’s something that has to be balanced still.

The different dungeons are varied in difficulty and also in how to solve them. Sometimes it is just a matter of fighting the enemies. Sometimes you have to find a hidden key somewhere, so you can open a door elsewhere. To conquer a city/dungeon you basically have to destroy the AI core(s) (some dungeons have multiple cores).


If you want to task about Ariente or discuss features please visit my discord here.


Features that are currently already in Ariente:

  • Many cosmetic blocks based on the marble that you find in the Ariente dimension. Also, some blocks that give lighting
  • A holographic gui for all/most machines

Custom dimension

  • Custom foliage and worldgen
  • Large and hard dungeons where soldiers, drones, sentinels and guards spawn
  • Specific ores: lapis, glowstone, lithium, manganese, silicon, silver, platinum, posirite, and negarite. No other ores generate

Overworld dungeon

  • The overworld contains a rare dungeon where you can find a ‘warper’
  • This device needs to be charged using ‘Ariente pearls’ before it can be used
  • The Ariente pearls can also be used to help locate this dungeon (similar to how ender eyes work)
  • Warpers in the Ariente dimension are already fully charged and will teleport the player back to the overworld

Dual power system

Based on negarite, posirite. Main features are:

  • Not storable. Machines can use a capacitor to build up a small amount of power but that is very volatile and can only be maintained under constant power
  • Currently, no wireless transfer possible. May change. Have to think about that
  • Works more like electricity in that both posirite and negarite have to be powered. A cable has a max capacity based on the number of generators that are inserting power. Other machines can consume that power until the capacity is depleted
  • A power combiner allows to combine the two powertypes into a single cable (at a cost)
  • Cables and connectors. Cables support facades so they can be hidden

Modular power armor

  • A negarite/posirite power based armor that is very modular. Allows for things like extra protection, personal force field, regeneration, feather falling, flight, step assist, …
  • A configurable lightsaber that works with the same system. Has modules for looting, fire, ...

An automation field

  • This is a way to automate movement of items (XNet but then the Ariente way)
  • The potential to be very fast (depends on power input)
  • Currently limited to items and sensors. More is planned


A powerful forcefield

  • Can be used to protect a large area
  • Does a large amount of damage
  • Possible to assign a key to the forcefield so that you can be unaffected by the damage


Other Blocks

  • Elevator block: A simple elevator block that allows a player to go up and down easily
  • Monorail system: A monorail system connecting the large underground dungeons
  • A storage cube: Works like a storage drawer. Can hold multiple stacks of 4 item types
  • Automatic doors: Sci-Fi style automatic doors that can be locked using a separate lock system
  • Signal receiver/transmitter blocks: Possibility to send and receive signals for remote operations
  • Construction system (crafting): Uses blueprints (can be found as loot). Automatic crafting possible