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Interaction Wheel



This mod adds an interactive Interaction Wheel that you can access by pressing x (default key). It supports various actions that you can easily access directly from that wheel.

Some examples are:

  • Search the item in your hand in nearby inventories
  • Rotate block
  • Dump all items in inventory (with or without hotbar)
  • Fetch all items from inventory
  • Dump all similar items to inventory
  • Switch to the appropriate tool to harvest the block you're looking at
  • Pick up a block from RFTools or similar
  • Resize an RFTools screen
  • And much more

It is possible to reconfigure the wheel in game (press the little wheel icon in the center). You can:

  • Assign hotkeys to actions. These hotkeys don't interfere with other hotkeys as they are only active while the wheel is open
  • Hide actions you never use