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Lost Cities

The Lost Cities is a world generation mod.


It has two major functionalities:

  • Add a new world type, so you can generate the overworld with this mod
  • Add a new dimension (default ID 111) so you can travel to this dimension from within a normal overworld (or from another Lost City world)

The world generation is about an abandoned city. Here is a gallery with screenshots:


Basic Structure

This page is mostly about the internal structure and configuration about the mod. In this first section the basic operation of the mod is explained.

The buildings, bridges, subway system, fountains and other structures you find in the world are actually not structures but real worldgen. That means that are generated at the very first stage when a chunk is built. This makes generation very efficient and also allows it to fit much better when the surrounding world.

It is important to note that this mod cannot depend on any specific order of chunk generation. When generating a chunk it cannot depend on neighbouring chunks already being generated, so it has to be able to calculate things on its own. Nevertheless, this mod maintains several world-wide data structures and is able to query information about nearby chunks without actually having to generate the chunk.

Read about it here: Basic Structure



The Asset System

The asset system is a powerful system that you can customize to make your own buildings, decorations, control loot, mob spawners, building blocks and more.